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Due to the Covid 19 Lock Down our gallery is temporarily closed.

Our exhibition calendar for this year has not yet been finalised due to the pandemic.

The Majolika Gallery offers a diverse curated exhibition programme featuring local, national, and international work by leading established and emerging ceramic artists, craftspeople, and designers. Exhibitions usually change every 2-3 months.

Interested in exhibiting with the Majolika? We have regular Open Calls under our Artist Space area.




Culture is translated over time. The original meanings and traditions often get lost in this process. Tourism and marketing create a new culture which has its own aesthetic and logic, and so in a way the old is overwritten. However perhaps this is not a bad thing, perhaps this is a positive sign of society and culture progressing and adapting while still keeping the idea of tradition alive.

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In this way 'Heimat, Lost in Translation' uses a poem from the 19th century by Ludwig Eichrodt and translates it through various languages and programs to create a new poem for the modern age. Snippets of these poems are printed on the beer mugs, with classic Schwarzwald icons being reimagined and iconagraphised.

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How can the ceramic material be reassessed and reinterpreted by young artists? Where is the boundary between traditional ceramic art and ceramic art that integrates new media and challenges the status quo? This is "The Fragile Edge", an exhibition presenting the ceramic positions of fifteen young and contemporary artists who are trying to redefine the face of ceramic art.


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