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Wine Cooler Collection

Discover our selection of wine coolers by various artists and designers from throughout the history of the Majolika.

The Majolika Chocolate Bunny

Get yourself one of our long-lasting Majolika Chocolate Bunnies for this Easter!

(warning: sweet, but not edible)

Hand Thrown Cups

Check out our new series of hand thrown, one-of-a-kind mugs by the talented Heike Niehle-Ochi.

Gravity Vase
Kim André Lange x Majolika

Product designer Kim André Lange works with the multidisciplinary design studio collective 303 in the projektraum Keramik.

The unique shape of the vase is the imprint of the invisible force that governs our earth: gravity. Each vessel is made by hand and dropped from a height of one metre onto a solid surface. Creation and destruction are united in one object. The invisible force of gravity has been captured in a vessel.

At a time when humanity seems to have expanded its domain beyond that of nature, these vases reveal the hidden beauty of nature's power. The subtle and organic form reminds us how fragile we really are.

gravity vase kollektion icon
„Past Perfect“
Koch & James x Majolika

The task was to design a new series of house décor. But we felt that "new" was the last thing the Majolika needed right now.

So we had the idea to take on this task without creating anything new. Instead, we decided to corrupt the "old", reinvent an old story, and open the next chapter of the Majolika.

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Want to stay up to date?

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